Deregulated States

The push for deregulation of natural gas and electric happened when the Federal Energy Regulation Commission (FERC) decided it should limit its authority to wholesale transactions. This move cleared the way for individual states to determine if and how they should allow retail price competition.

Deregulation is the removal or simplification of government rules and regulations that constrain the operation of market forces.

Deregulation does not mean elimination of laws against fraud, but eliminates or reducing government control of how business is done, thereby moving toward a more free market.

This means you can choose the gas and electric that comes to your home or business.

State Map

Deregulation State Map

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State Table

State Electricity Gas
Alabama No No
Alaska No No
Arizona Yes No
Arkansas Yes No
California Yes PC - Partial Choice
Connecticut Yes No
Colorado No No
Delaware Yes PC - Partial Choice
Florida No Yes
Georgia No Yes
Hawaii No No
Idaho No No
Illinois Yes Yes
Indiana No Yes
Iowa No Yes
Kansas No No
Kentucky No No
Louisiana No No
Maine Yes No
Maryland Yes Yes
Massachusets Yes Yes
Michigan Yes Yes
Minnesota No No
Mississippi No No
Missouri No PC - Partial Choice
Montana Yes Yes
Nebraska No No
Nevada Yes Yes
New Hampshire Yes No
New Jersey Yes Yes
New Mexico Yes Yes
New York Yes Yes
North Carolina No No
North Dakota No No
Ohio Yes Yes
Oklahoma Yes No
Oregon Yes No
Pennsylvania Yes Yes
Rhode Island Yes Yes
South Carolina No No
South Dakota No No
Tennessee No No
Texas Yes PC - Partial Choice
Utah No No
Vermont No No
Virginia Yes Yes
Washington No No
Washington DC Yes Yes
West Virginia No Yes
Wisconsin No No
Wyoming No PC - Partial Choice

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Gas is a commodity with pricing changing month to month. The best analysis is a historical of pricing over several years

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