If you are a current customer of Baltimore Gas and Electric in Maryland, you may have a great opportunity to save on your monthly energy bills.

The difference between the lowest and highest price is 10% - 20%. This can save homeowners several hundred dollars of per year and businesses several thousand dollars per year.

Allied Power Services insures that you will not be overpaying for your home and/or business utility costs.

Grab your utility bill for account information now and simply click on "Start Saving Now" below to start your 3-steps enrollment submission process online.

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Price to Compare

The Price to Compare helps you evaluate offers from electricity suppliers to find out if you can save money. You need your bill to find the two pieces of information you need to determine your Price to Compare: Your rate and your electric usage.

The Price to Compare is the average cost per kilowatt-hour (kWh) for generation and transmission service, based on your rate classification.

Below are links to BG&E's Price to Compare:

How to Read BG&E Power Bill

Understanding your utility bill is an important step to save on your energy bills. It helps you identify what rate you are currently paying and how much energy usage.

Typically, your bill is separated into two sections: Transmission and Generation.

  • Transmission - is the part of your bill that you pay to have the power brought out to your location. You pay the transmission cost to your local energy provider at a government set regulated rate. The local provider is then responsible for maintaining the lines, fixing any power outages, handling customer service and billing, this will not change if you decide to switch.

  • Generation - is the "kwhs" or "therm's" used. If nothing is done you pay your local area's tariff rate set by the state. Deregulated prices in the open market typically run 10-20 percent below the tariff rate.

Click here to view a sample of BG&E Bill

Easy Price Comparison Chart

Click here to view price comparison chart

BG&E Power Customer Service

BG&E Customer Service can be reached at: 800-685-0123.


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Did You Know?

Gas is a commodity with pricing changing month to month. The best analysis is a historical of pricing over several years

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